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Part No: SB1

Weight: 125 g
Price excl. Vat: £2.75
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SB1 1Litre sharps container for containing your used sewing needles & pins and any other sharp objects that may be hazardous.
The 1L is designed for both community and hospital use and can be used with the Sharpsafe Tray as part of the Sharpsafe Near Patient Sharps Disposal System (NPSD). The 1L has two apertures, one of which provides an open aperture for the disposal of used sharps, the other contains a needle removal feature.

A translucent lid with clearly visible fill line and inkjet printed waste segregation message help ensure the product is not overfilled.

The 1 litre comes with a choice of openings•Pen needle remover

•Luer lock remover

•Blood collection systems remover

Product features
•in mould label which cannot be removed

•large fill area

•simple four click assembly

•translucent lid

•inkjet printed fill line and waste segregation message

•temporary and final closure feature

•complies with UN 3291, BS 7320 and French AFNOR NX30-500 standards

Part of the NPSD™ range

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