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Part No: SB025

Weight: 60 g
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SB025 0.3 Litre sharps container for containing your used sewing needles & pins and any other sharp objects that may be hazardous.
0.3 Litre
Designed for use primarily in the community setting the 0.3L is available with a number of different apertures. These apertures and related features have been developed to make safe the collection and disposal of a variety of sharps within the community. The 0.3L can be easily stored in a bag or pocket and is ideal for both personal and clinical use.

The 0.3 litre comes with a choice of openings
•Non-return 'petal' opening.
•Scalpel blade remover opening.•Luer-lock and slip remover incorporating an insulin pen needle removal feature.
•Unobstructed opening for large syringes and blood collection tube holders.
Product features•welded construction for added strength and safety

•flip top lid for temporary and final closure

•penetration tray for added safety

•puncture resistance base

•class leading leak resistance

•in mould label which cannot be removed

•complies with UN, BS and AFNOR standards

•fold away carrying handle

•stands and brackets available

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