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Groz Beckert MR6 134R Needles Size 140 & 160. All MR needles covers a range of different sizes.
Cross-section at centre eye
When penetrating the material, a needle reaches its maximum
penetration force in this needle area. This increases to a disproportionately
high degree as needles with a bigger size and
consequently a bigger cross section at centre eye are used.
The MR needle has been designed to ensure that its penetration
force remains significantly below that of a standard needle.

Thread pickup
Difficult sewing operations can result in the thread unwinding
during loop formation. Single yarns or filaments can be picked up
and torn off by the looper point. The risk of unwinding is reduced
by the special thread guiding area of the Groz-Beckert MR needle.
Its extreme scarf depth permits very tight looper adjustment,
resulting in optimum security during loop pick-up.
The benefits:
• Less thread splicing
• Less thread breakage

Multidirectional sewing
Computerized sewing machines are
capable of producing seams with
frequent changes of sewing direction at
a constant sewing speed. This type of
operation is known as multidirectional

Thread loading
When changing the sewing direction, the
sewing thread is pulled out of the needle
eye in different directions. During its
downward stroke, the needle slides along
the tensioned sewing thread. This can
result in changes in the thread twist, and
consequently to instable loop formation.

Loop formation
The special asymmetrically shaped thread sliding
area inside the eye of the Groz-Beckert MR needle
guarantees stable loop formation even under unfavourable
sewing conditions, eliminating the
possibility of negative loop formation (*) and thread
The benefit:
• Fewer skipped stitches


With its special blade and scarf geometry,
the Groz-Beckert MR needle offers out -
standing bending resistance (deflection
resistance), lending it extreme stability
over its entire working area.

Added to this is an unusually deep and
extended scarf. This permits extremely
tight adjustment of the looper to the
needle. The deep thread groove, extend ing
also into the eye area, guarantees optimum
protection of the thread.
• Less needle deflection
• Less needle breakage
• Fewer skipped stitches
• Less thread breakage

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