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EB401=4170028 ACTUATOR EFKA AB221A, AB321A, AB222A,AB322A, DA321G, PF321A,PF321A, AB211A, AB311A
Part No: EB401

Weight: 593 g
Price excl. Vat: £119.00
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Analog Actuator Field of Application EFKA controls AB221A, AB321A, AB222A, AB322A, DA321G, PF321A, AB211A, AB311A, and DA311G built in 2010 or later. Not suitable for controls AB220A, AB320A, and DA320G.
The EB401 analog actuator, in combination with a pedal connected to the machine, controls machine operations
(sewing) at various speeds, sewing foot lifting, and thread trimming.
It is almost infinitely variable: Its characteristic can be programmed to stageless, 12-stage, 24-stage, and 60-
stage using parameters provided in the corresponding control.
The EB401 analog actuator is connected to the control by an approx. 1.6 m cable. The supplied mounting
material ensures flexible mounting on the machine.
Pedal forward
ƒ Pressing slightly forward causes the sewing foot to lower *).
ƒ The sewing process starts when continuing to press forward. The sewing speed depends on the pedal
ƒ With the pedal in position 0 (neutral) the drive is positioned in the selected basic position (functional
Pedal backward
ƒ The sewing foot is lifted, when pressing the pedal slightly backward (with electromagnetic or
electropneumatic sewing foot lifting). (At stop in the seam and also after the seam end *).
ƒ The seam end (with e.g. stitch counting, backtacking, thread trimmer, etc. *) is initiated by full heelback.
ƒ The sewing foot is lifted after the seam end *), when the pedal continues to be pressed.
Scope of Supply Material No.
Actuator, complete, type EB401 with approx. 1.6 m connecting cable and plug 4170028
Mounting bracket 0207159
Fastening elements 1113768
Special Accessories at an Additional Charge Material No.
Extension cable approx. 1 m long 1113151
Pitman rod, complete (adjusting range approx. 400...710 mm) 1113810

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