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L030 Low Odour spot cleaner from renowned AMBERSIL - 5 Litres to use in industrial spray guns to spot clean most garment materials - Low Odour formula to reduce solvent fumes while using
FUNCTIONALITIES : Cleaners - Heavy duty

Low Odour Solvent

A powerful, fast drying, low odour cleaner/ degreaser which benefits from good compatibility with a wide variety of materials. Ideal for use on industrial, aerospace, general engineering and precision cleaning of electronic and electrical equipment.
* Highly effective cleaner/degreaser
* Fast evaporating, leaves surfaces clean and dry
* Outstanding compatibility with plastics
* Meets aerospace specification - US Federal Specification TT-N-95B - Listed in British Airways standard practise manual
* Safe for use on metals and painted surfaces
* Ultra low conductivity
* Low odour, ideal for use in enclosed areas

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