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467150014C ADLER 367,467,767 GENERIC NON TRIM H&B
Part No: 467150014C

Weight: 90 g
Price excl. Vat: £175.00
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467150014 DLC coated Hook & Base for Durkopp Adler 367,467,767 machines NON trimmer. Full spec on hook see below details. Excellent value !!
Properties of Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) :
Amorphous and hydrogenated amorphous carbon films have high hardness, low friction, electrical insulation, chemical inertness, optical transparency, biological compatibility, ability to absorb photons selectively, smoothness, and resistance to wear. It is one of the best coating method for high speed machine. DLC coating has higher resistance to wear comparing with Chromium or Teflon coating. It allows Kardia rotary hook running without lubrication and have high durability.

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