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Part No: 270SRX6

Weight: 115 g
Price excl. Vat: £14.95
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The very best Sewing scissor available on the market today. Fully forged Nickel plated with Red enamelled handles and Serrated lower blade for material gripping & positioning. Will cut through any fabric, multilayers, denims and leathers.
Mundial's Classic Forged and Heavy Duty Industrial lines are fully forged through a rigorous and painstaking 73-step process. Fine carbon steel is hot drop forged - literally hammered into shape - then tempered, plated, ground, honed, polished, adjusted, tested and inspected by cutlery artisans to meet our exacting quality standards. The result is scissors and shears of unmatched strength and durability - the kind that cut more precisely, stay sharp longer, and deliver a lifetime of cutting pleasure.

Mundial® offers scissors and shears for every individual - from general-purpose household users to the most demanding quilters, sewers, and crafters. If your needs are less rigorous, try our lightweight Red Dot or super-comfortable and patented CushionSoft scissors and shears.

If you need something that can stand up to years of hard work and repeated sharpenings, or you simply want the best, then our Classic Forged and Heavy Duty Industrial Forged Scissors and Shears should be your first choice.

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