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Groz-Beckert GEBEDUR® needles are specially treated wear-resistant needles. The protected and registered brand name GEBEDUR® is synonymous with exceptional needle durability.
New materials and material combinations can create sewing problems. This often requires extreme machine adjustments which invariably increases the amount and number of contacts between the needle and the machine. This puts highest demands on the needle. These persistent contacts result in wear and tear of the needle, especially on needle point. The desire for needles with a longer functional lifetime comes to the fore, more and more. A special hardening- and coating procedure gives the GEBEDUR® needle significant advantages over the standard needle

GEBEDUR® stands for Groz-Beckert needles
with titanium nitride coating.
The titanium nitride coating on the surface is
extremely hard so the needle is extremely well
protected against damage and wear, especially
at the point of the needle.
Titanium nitride is twice as hard as chrome
and 2,5 times harder than hardened steel.

Wear and tear of the point
One of the most important features of a
needle is the point. The slightest and barely
visible damages on the point result in considerable
functional problems.
The consequences in particular are mate -
rial damages along with higher needle
Due to the titanium nitride coating the
needle point becomes extremely resistant
against wear and tear.
The reality of the factory floor is
supported by numerous laboratory tests,
clearly showing that wear and tear of needle
points is a frequent occurence. Whilst a
standard needle either should or could no
longer work due to a worn out point.
GEBEDUR® needles can still be used a lot
longer without problems

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