KE-430H provides 3,300sti/min (BE-438H: 2,800sti/min) and contributes to enhance productivity.


Needle Cooler* prevents thread breakage, it enhances actual sewing speed by 10%. It provides high productivity and quality.

*:   KE-430HX only


Thread trimmer driven by stepping motor cuts the thread shorter, stable and quietly than conventional mechanical thread trimmer. It reduces hand trimming work after sewing.
Also, the thread nipper, equipped as standard*, minimizes thread cast off at sewing start and bird’s nest.

*:   KE-430HX-1, -3, -K spec. only

3Reduction of disposition of thread ends (Short remaining thread)


This is IoT applicable model. The visualization by connecting sewing machine and computer technology enables the customer to analyze, manage processes, speed up productivity improvement and maintenance work.


Productivity improvement with IoT


You can adjust the tension appropriately for the material being sewn without relying on individual feel. It provides higher production management and sewing reproducibility.


HX models are semi-dry type and they supply constant clean oil only to the shuttle hook, there is no concern of oil staining. HS models are minimum lubrication and they supply limited oil only to the needle bar and thread take-up to prevent oil from being dispersed, realizing clean sewing for your valued product.


Equipped the Color LCD with touch panel that indicates display items with illustration icons, offering use-intuitive operation. It is very easy to set the cycle program, along with sewing patterns, sewing speed, and magnification. The upper thread tension can be stored easily as user programs.


Data transfer to other sewing machines and software upgrade can be done easily with USB memory.

User- intuitive Color LCD with touch panel


There is no need for grease-up work at the connecting rod because it adopts oil lubricating, and reduces maintenance work.


The noise and vibration are minimized by reducing impact during thread trimming. Operators can sew conformably without fatigue and stress.


Sewing area can be expanded from 40x30mm to 50x40mm as option. It enables to sew more applications such as hook and loop fastener and applique.

Wide variety of sewing capability due to enlarged sewing area

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