Juki LZ-391N

1-needle, Embroidering Sewing Machine

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The Juki LZ-391N is capable of embroidering names and marks on sewing products, as well as zigzag stitching, by simply changing the throat plate. When using the Juki LZ-391N for zigzag stitching, the zigzag width and stitch length can be changed so that many different types of zigzag stitch can be sewn.

Productivity is dramatically increased
The Juki LZ-391N incorporates a built-in lower knife that trims only the lower material. This allows the Juki LZ-391N to simultaneously attach lace to the body of the foundation and trim only the body during processes to attach lace to the bottoms or tops of slips or to the joint seam lines of shorts. The pressure provided by the left- and right-hand sections of the fagoting holder can be separately adjusted in order to prevent an uneven material feed.

The machine demonstrates consistent trimming performance
The knife is driven by a motor that runs independently from the sewing machine motor. With this feature, the knife can continue to run at a high speeds during trimming even when the speed of the machine is reduced during startup or when sewing curved sections. Furthermore, the knife is placed just beside the needle to provide a constant trimming width even on the curved section.

Model Series Juki LZ-391N
Applications Embroidering on light, medium and heavy-weight materials
Sewing Speed Max. 2,000 sti/min
Normal 1,700 sti/min
Needlebar Stroke 33.4mm
Needle DB x 1 #9 through #18
ZigZag Width 0 ~ 12mm
ZigZag Width Regulating Method Using the jut-type knee lifter with the zigzag width pointer released
Hook DB-type hook for embroidering
Lubrication method Centralized lubrication (using an oiler)
Material handling area on the machine 270mm (from the needle entry to the bottom of the arm)

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Juki LZ-391N Spare Parts

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