Juki LZ-2290

Computer-controlled, Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch, Zigzag Stitching Machine

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The Juki LZ-2290 comes provided as standard with twenty different zigzag stitching, T-stitch and covering stitch patterns grouped into fourteen different types. The feed mechanism is controlled with a stepping motor, enabling continuous sewing at a high speed.

A single Juki LZ-2290 Series machine is extremely versatile and can perform many different stitching patterns.

It comes in two different models, one with standard specifications and the other with an anti-material slip capability. For both models, there are two subclass models, i.e., the “minute-quantity lubrication type” and the “dry-head type”, which eliminates oil stains on sewing products. You may select the best-suited model from the diversified subclasses according to your applications. The Juki LZ-2290 is also provided with a newly-developed operation panel, the IT-100. With this operation panel, you can easily establish settings for stitch shapes and stitches, as well as conduct setup changing, thereby achieving further increased availability.

The machine is provided with many different stitching patterns.
The machine is provided as standard with fourteen different basic zigzag stitching patterns grouped into eight different types. You can choose the zigzag stitching pattern you want directly on the operation panel (IT-100) of the machine body. The zigzag width, needle throw position and number of blind stitches can also be easily adjusted on the operation panel.

Machine head type Dry-head type Minute-quantity lubrication type
Model name Without automatic thread trimmer Juki LZ-2290A-DS Juki LZ-2290A-DU Juki LZ-2290A-SS Juki LZ-2290A-SU
With automatic thread trimmer Juki LZ-2290A-DS-7 Juki LZ-2290A-DU-7 Juki LZ-2290A-SS-7 Juki LZ-2290A-SU-7
Type Standard Anti-material-slip
capability type
Standard Anti-material-slip
capability type
Max. sewing speed 4,000sti/min 5,000sti/min 4,500sti/min
(for standard zigzag stitching, the zigzag width
has to be set to 5mm or less.)
(for standard zigzag stitching, the zigzag width
has to be set to 4mm or less.)
Max. zigzag width 10min (in increments of 0.1min)
Needle throw mechanism Computer-controlled
Max. Stitch length 5.0mm 2.5mm 5.0mm 2.5mm
Stepless fine adjustment
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.5mm/By knee: 10mm
Hook Exclusive no-lubricating hook
(plastic hook with special-purpose race surface)
DP hook (with titanium-treated inner hook)
Thread take-up Rotary type
Needle (at the time of delivery) 438(Nm75), DP×5(#10)
Number of patterns for standard stitching 8 types/14 patterns
Custom pattern memory capacity Internal memory Max. 20 patterns
Extended memory Max. 999 patterns
Max. number of stitches 500 stitches/pattern
Continuous stitching pattern Max. 10 patterns, 20 step, 500 stitches/step
Input function of the main unit Provided as standard (operation panel: IT-100D)
Bobbin thread winder Built-in machine head
Machine head drive Compact AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
Lubrication No lubrication Minute-quantity lubrication to needlebar and
hook (no oil pan system)
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1
(equivalent to ISO VG7)
Distance from needle to machine arm 300mm
Bed size 517mm×178mm
Power requirement / Power consumption Single-phase 100~120V, 200~240V, 3-phase 200~240V/Power rating 600VA
Total weight C98kg (without automatic thread trimmer)
100kg (with automatic thread trimmer)

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Juki LZ-2290 Spare Parts

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