Juki LH-4128

Direct-drive, High-speed, 2-needle, Lockstitch Machine

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The Juki LH-4128 achieves the world’s highest sewing speed of 4,000sti/min as a semi-dry head machine, contributing to increased productivity. Simple adjustments of the machine and replacement of gauges have been enabled, saving time and effort in maintenance. In addition, it is possible to change over the feed between the needle feed and bottom feed.

The Juki LH-4128 machines come with a direct-drive, semi-dry head, and high & long arm to provide maintainability, silent operation and beautifully-finished seams. This is the highest grade 2-needle lockstitch machine series launched by JUKI.

Range of sewing capabilities is dramatically increased
The Juki LH-4128 has been designed laying importance on the ease of thread tension adjustment in cases of the changing of sewing materials ranging from light-weight (soft) to heavyweight (hard). All thread paths on which the needle thread and/or bobbin thread passes have been totally rechecked to ensure a range of sewing capabilities that is substantially broader than that of the conventional models.

Changeover between the needle feed and bottom feed (LH-4128)
For example, for processes such as the topstitching of brassier cups and top-center plait of men’s shirts, which need to be sewn so as to prevent puckering, the use of a bottom feed gauge is recommended. The bottom feed gauge is effective at the prevention of puckering and enables sewing with a lower tension applied to the thread.

Soft opener which helps reduce operating noise of the machine
The opener achieves a silent operating environment which has never been obtained by the conventional ones. It guides the bobbin case with literally a “soft touch” to reduce bobbin thread tension, thereby helping tense the thread uniformly and produce beautifully finished seams.

Sewing environment which ensures excellent workability
The Juki LH-4128 is provided with a high & long arm which facilitates the handling of sewing products even when sewing large ones such as jeans. In addition, increased stop accuracy and excellent responsiveness, which are the most prominent features of the direct drive, work in combination with the high & long arm to help eliminate operator stress, thereby increasing productivity.

Model Number Juki LH-4128
Application F: Foundation S: Medium-weight G: Jeans and heavy-weight materials
Dry type Semi-dry-head
Max. sewing speed LH-4128(-7): 4,000rpm LH-4168-7, 4188-7: 3,200rpm
Distance from needle to machine arm 127mm(H)267mm(W)
Needle gauge 1 / 8″1-1 / 2″ (3.238.1mm)
Feed system Changeover between the needle feed and bottom feed
Max. stitch length 5mm
Thread take-up Link type
Separately driven needle bar changeover mechanism Needle bar shaft link changeover method
Opener system Soft opener
Tensioner Integral type (lockstitch type)
Thread trimming method Direct-acting type
Thread winder Driven by the arm shaft
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 13mm
Lubrication Centralized tank system
Tank capacity 220cc
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil NO.1
Needle DP5 #9#22 (S and F type) #1622 (G type)
Power consumption  650VA
Outside dimensions of package 739mm (H) 378mm (W) 768mm (L)
Machine head weight (including the package)

LH-4128 (-7): 68kg, LH-4168-7, 4188-7: 73kg +3 kg for the machine provided with an AK25.

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Juki LH-4128 Spare Parts

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