Juki LH-3528A-7 (Juki LH-3500A Series)

Semi-dry head, 2-needle Lockstitch Machine

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The Juki LH-3528A-7 is the cutting-edge model 2-needle sewing machine which comes with substantially enhanced mechanisms such as the direct-drive mechanism, semi-dry head, new thread tension control mechanism and improved oiling system.

All models of the Juki LH-3500A Series are provided with a semi-dry head to eliminate staining with oil from the frame (the needle bar part).

A thread tension control mechanism has been developed for each type of sewing machine in order to achieve the best-suited thread tension for its purpose. Unique to JUKI

Two selectable new-method oiling mechanisms. Unique to JUKI

The Juki LH-3528A-7 sewing machine for jeans and heavy-weight materials (G type) produces well-tensed seams by the optimization of the feed mechanism.

Highly reliable thread-trimming mechanism

The internal mechanism of the Juki LH-3528A-7 machine has been thoroughly re-investigated to achieve further improvement of maintainability and workability.

The operation panels CP-18A and CP-180A are provided with a production support function.

Model Series Juki LH-3500A Series
Model Number Juki LH-3528A-A Juki LH-3528A-F Juki LH-3528A-S Juki LH-3528A-G Juki LH-3568A-S Juki LH-3568A-G Juki LH-3578A-G Juki LH-3588A-G
Application Light-weight Foundation Medium-weight Jeans and heavy-weight Medium-weight Jeans and heavy-weight Jeans and heavy-weight Jeans and heavy-weight
Organized split needle bar mechanism Not provided Provided as standard Not provided Provided as standard
Hook Vertical axis regular hook Vertical axis 1.7 times large hook
Lubrication Semi-dry / hook section: minute-quantity lubrication (tank system)
Max. sewing speed 3,000sti/min*
Distance from needle
to machine arm
120mm (H) × 266mm (W) × 87mm (height of jaw part)
Feed system Changeover between the needle feed and bottom feed Needle-feed
Max. stitch length 5mm 4mm 5mm
Needle bar stroke 33.4mm
Thread take-up Slide type
Tensioner Independent right and
left needles type (lockstitch type)
Standard type
Thread winder Built-in the machine head
Lift of the presser foot 7mm (by hand), 13mm (by knee)
Oiling method Eco-oil method (circulation type), Clean oil method
Tank capacity 280cm3
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Needle DP×5(#9)
Outside dimensions
of package (mm)
LH-3528A/3568A/3578A/3588A : 718mm (H) × 341mm (W) × 744mm (L)
LH-3528A-7/3568A-7/3578A-7/3588A-7 : 768mm (H) × 341mm (W) × 744mm (L)
Machine head weight
(including the package)
LH-3528A-7/3568A-7/3578A-7/3588A-7: 61kg (with AK: 63kg)
LH-3528A-F-0B : 50kg (with AK: 63kg)

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Juki LH-3528A-7 Spare Parts

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