Juki MO-6714S/LB6

2-needle Overlock Machine with Semi-automatic Backlatch Device

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The Juki MO-6714S/LB6 overlock machine is provided with a back latching capability that eliminates the need for bartacking. The chain-off thread is tucked into the seam at the beginning of sewing to secure chain-off thread and prevent the finished seam from coming undone.

Beautifully finished seams at the beginning of sewing.
Aided by the precise control of the stitch number provided by the material-edge sensor and SC-510 control box, the tension-release mechanism is activated during production of chain-off thread at both the start and end of sewing so that thin chain-off thread can be produced. The chain-off thread is completely tucked into the finished seam on the material to achieve a beautifully finished sewing product.

The machine comes with a throat plate intermediate claw forward/backward mechanism ( for 2-needle overlocking machines).
For the 2-needle overlock machine, the throat plate intermediate claw automatically moves backward at the end of sewing so that the chain-off thread can be guided to the needle thread retainer without getting caught by the claw. At the start of the next sewing, the chain-off thread is rolled into the stitches to the material edge, giving the seam a beautiful finish.

The backlatching function can be released.
The machine is easily adaptable to the standard specifications.
The tension-release function can be disabled by setting the material edge sensor in the OFF state. In addition, for 2-needle machines, the intermediate claw of the throat plate can be fixed with projected. This means that the Juki MO-6714S/LB6 machine can be used as a standard machine with standard specifications for processes not requiring the backlatching capability such as continuous stitching and runstitching, thereby saving on new equipment.

Model name Juki MO-6714S/LB6
Auto-lifter Provided as standard
Compressed air 0.5MPa
Motor output 750W
Power requirement Single-phase 100120V, 200240V
3-phase 200240V
Power consumption Rating 425VA

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Juki MO-6714S/LB6 Spare Parts

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