Juki LU28007 Series /JEUX0031

Semi-dry direct drive, unison feed, lockstitch machine with vertical-axis and extended long arm length.

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Juki LU-2800 Series Long Arm has been doubled in length compared with the standard model.

The LU-2800 Series long arm has been extended to add to the wide bed area, contributing to vastly improved workability. The machine arm has been doubled in length from 35cm to 1m making it perfect for sewing large objects usually to awkward to fit under a sewing machine head. The machine has a high-torque direct-drive motor which supports the sewing of heavy-weight materials. As a result, the sewing machine promises not only improved responsiveness and quick startup, but also higher stop accuracy. The long arm model is also available with 1-needle as well as a 75am arm length.

This long arm model is only available from Juki Central Europe and is manufactured in the EU.

Double tension provided as standard:
Single or Double can be set easy through Multi-Functional 6-string switch regarding the machine with trimmer. (Available for more thick material)

Multi-Functional 6-string stitch (thread trimming switch):
In addition to the one-touch type reverse feed switch, a multi-functional 6-string switch is also provided. Changeover of the amount of the alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and the presser foot and changeover of the stitch length can be done simply with this one switch.

Walking Foot/presser-foot alternating vertical movement mechanism
The sewing machine has adopted a feed mechanism which keeps the ratio between the amount of the vertical movement of the walking foot and that of the presser foot constant even when the material is changes, The amount of the alternating waling foot and the presser foot is 8mm at the maximum. this amount can be set with ease by mean of the large dial installed on the upper section of the sewing machine

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