Juki LU-2210N-7

High-speed, 1-needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Large Hook and Automatic Thread Trimmer (1.6 fold-capacity hook)

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Thanks to its remarkable feed efficiency and improved feed cam unit, the Juki LU-2210N-7 machine smoothly feeds materials at high speeds while preventing stitch gathering.

The Juki LU-2210N-7 machine is also equipped with a new box-type feed locus that enables the production of beautifully finished seams free from material flopping.

Excellent responsiveness when sewing heavy materials such as car seats and sofas.

Consistent sewing performance at a high speed
Thanks to its remarkable feed efficiency and improved feed cam unit, the Juki LU-2210N-7 machine smoothly feeds materials at high speeds while preventing stitch gathering. The Juki LU-2210N-7 machine is also equipped with a new box-type feed locus that enables the production of beautifully finished seams free from
material flopping.

Thread trimming without fail
The rigid movement of the knife driving shaft and ideal shape of the cam enable the thread trimmer to trim thread as thick as #5. Further-more, no adjustment is necessary after changing the thread count.

The walking foot and presser foot’s alternating vertical movement can be set and changed with ease
The vertical strokes of the presser foot and walking foot (their alternating vertical movement) can be easily changed using a large dial mounted on
the top surface of the machine head. In addition, the sewing speed is automatically adjusted with the set value. With this feature, ideal sewing conditions are maintained at all times.

Model Number Juki LU-2210N-7
 Max. sewing speed  3,500rpm
 Max. stitch length  9mm (forward / backward)
 Needle bar stroke  33.8mm
 Needle gauge (mm)  –
 Lift of the presser foot  By hand: 9mm, By knee: 16mm (max)
 Auto lifter  Provided as standard (pneumatic auto-lifter: AK79)
 Thread take-up  Link type
 Alternating vertical movement  16.5mm
 Hook  Vertical-axis
1.6 fold-capacity hook
 Needle (at the time of delivery)  13435 (Nm140) Nm100Nm180
 Thread  #30#4, B46B138, Nm=60/320/3
 Safety mechanism  Provided as standard
 Lubrication  Automatic
 Lubricating oil  JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
 Distance from
needle to machine arm
 Bed size  517mm178mm
 Weight of the machine head  55kg
 Automatic reverse feed function  Provided as standard
 Compressed air and
air consumption
 0.5MPa, 0.3dm3/min (ANR)
 Motor output  750W
 Power requirement  Single-phase 100120V, 200240V
3-phase 200240V
 Power consumption  Rating 425VA

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Juki LU-2210N-7 Spare Parts

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