Juki TNU-243

1-needle, Semi-long Flat Bed, Lockstitch Machine with a Large Shuttle-hook for Extra-heavy-weight Materials (Unison feed)

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The Juki TNU-243 is optimally suited for the sewing of extra heavy-weight materials such as tents, seat belts, and bag handles.

Juki TU-273 (Top & bottom feed)
The top feed amount is adjustable within the range of ±20% of the bottom feed amount.

Juki TNU-243 (Unison feed)
Thanks to the TNU-243,s unison-feed mechanism, the machine,s higher feed efficiency guarantees the output of high-quality seams free from uneven material feed.

High Lift of the Presser Foot
The lifting range of the presser foot is as high as 20mm for smooth placement / removal of extra heavy-weight materials.

Frequency of bobbin thread replacement is reduced
The machine comes with a large shuttle-hook. This type of shuttle-hook helps to reduce the frequency of bobbin thread replacement and is best suited for the sewing of extra-heavy-weight materials sewn with lower-count threads.

The bobbin winder is built into the front portion of the machine
The bobbin winder is built into the front portion of the machine arm for easy manipulation.

Wider space under the machine arm
The machine has a wider free space under the machine arm to allow the operator to easily place and remove a large sewing products.

Model name Juki TU-273 Juki TNU-243
 Feed system  Top & bottom-feed  Unison-feed
 Max. sewing speed  800sti/min*
 Max. stitch length  15mm (normal/reverse feed)
 Needle bar stroke  56mm
 Lift of the presser foot  By hand: 12mm, By pedal: 20mm
 Alternating vertical movement  4~8mm
 Thread take-up  Cam-type
 Hook  Large shuttle-hook
 Needle (at the time of delivery)  794 (Nm230) Nm130~Nm280 or DY×3 #21~#28
 Thread  #8~#0, B92~B277, Nm=30/3~8/3
 Lubrication  By an oiler
 Lubricating oil  JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
 Bobbin winder  Built on the machine arm
 Distance from needle to machine arm  420mm
 Bed size  656mm×253mm
 Weight of the machine head  65kg

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Juki TNU-243 Spare Parts

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