Juki MH-486-5

1-needle, Double Chainstitch, Bottom and Variable Top-feed Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

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The machine comes with a thread spreading mechanism and an adjustable needle guard to prevent stitch skipping. The thread clamp mechanism, tension release mechanism and needle thread draw-out mechanism enable the machine to leave thread of a uniform length after thread trimming, and prevent slip-off of the needle thread. All of these mechanisms contribute to upgraded sewing.

An easy-to-operate, high-precision presser foot, feed dog and thread draw-out mechanism have been developed for this sewing machine so that any operator can finish seams of the highest quality. The machine flexibly adapts to a wider range of light- to heavy-weight materials, process changes, and sewing specifications, including partial shirring.

The machine incorporates many functions and places a great deal of importance on higher product quality
The machine comes with many different functions to prevent uneven material feed and puckering for higher-quality seams. The machine is adaptable to a wider variety of light-to heavy-weight materials and takes full advantage of top-feed mechanism. This enables unskilled operators to finish seams of consistent quality.

The top-feed dog has been designed so that the operator can smoothly place the material to be sewn on it. Furthermore, the gauge can be easily replaced and stitch adjustment can be performed without difficulty.
The machine comes with a forced lifting mechanism for the top-feed dog. This enables the operator to place the material to be sewn on the top-feed dog more smoothly. The machine incorporates its exclusive chain-off thread presser pedal foot, which improves seam quality and ease of operation. The exclusive gauge comes in five different types, and the gauges can be replaced in a simple procedure. This facilitates the required adjustment when changing the needle count.

The machine is also capable of performing partial shirring.
The machine works effectively for processes which require partial shirring as long as the partial shirring device (PH-3) is used in combination with the partial shirring dial. The partial shirring device comes in two different types, the kneepad drive type and the pedal drive type.

Model Number Juki MH-481 Juki MH-481-5(4) Juki MH-484 Juki MH-484-5(4) Juki MH-486-5
 Feed system  Bottom-feed   Differential-feed   Bottom and variable top-feed
 Max. sewing speed  5,500rpm   4,500rpm
 Stitch length  1~4mm  Main feed: 1~4mm
Differential-feed: 1~5.6mm
 Top-feed amount  – 0~7mm
 Differential-feed ratio  –  Max. gathering stitching 1: 3 
(standard 1: 1.5) 
Max. stretch stitching 1: 0.5
 Lift of the presser foot  By hand: 5mm, By knee: 10mm   By hand: 5mm, By knee: 7mm
 Needle bar stroke  30mm  33mm
 Needle (at the time of the delivery)  TV × 7 (#11) #9~#18   TV × 7 (#11) #9~#21
 Stitch length adjustment  By dial
 Safety stitch  Condensation stitch/reverse stitching (by feed lever)
 Looper system  Inclined crank
 Looper stroke  21.5mm
 Looper stroke of the front and rear  2.1~3.3mm  2.1~3.3mm
 Speed control  –  ✽(1)  –  ✽(1)  ✽(1)
 Lubrication  Automatic
 Lubricating oil  JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
 Motor output  –  750W  –  750W
 Power requirement  –  Single-phase, 3-phase  –  Single-phase, 3-phase
 Power consumption  –  Rating 425VA  –  Rating 425VA

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Juki MH-486-5 Spare Parts

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