Juki MH-382

High-speed, Flat-bed, 2-needle Double Chainstitch Machine
Tandem 2-needle

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Accurate stitching performance and durable finished seams are particularly necessary in the chainstitching process. JUKI ensures high-quality sewing with a higher degree of consistency with its unique looper mechanism and consistent condensation stitching mechanism.

The machine finishes beautiful seams in elastic and light-weight materials. Furthermore, the differential-feed can be adjusted with the simple operation of a lever, thereby enabling the machine to respond to the requirements of many different kinds of sewing.

Change of sewing method with a simple lever operation.
The sewing method can be alternated between stretch stitching and shirr stitching with the simple operation of a lever. This lever is also used to adjust the differentialfeed ratio.

The machine is best-suited for sewing elastic materials.
The differential-feed is the best-suited feeding device when sewing elastic materials including double-jersey or light-weight materials such as satin or georgette. Beautiful, elastic seams are created, while puckering, thread breakage and thread fraying are all prevented.

The machine is capable of gathering and partial shirring.
A gathering attachment (S060), intermittent gathering attachment (S061) and partial shirring device (PF5) are optionally available to enable the machine to perform consistent gathering and partial shirring. Replaceable gauges such as the gauge for light-weight materials and the urethane feed dog are prepared in accordance with the applications of the machine.

Model Number  Juki MH-380 Juki MH-382
 Parallel 2-needle  Tandem 2-needle
 Max. sewing speed  6,000sti/min*
 Max. stitch length  4mm
 Lift of the presser foot  By hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 10mm
 Needle bar stroke  30mm
(at the time of delivery)
 TV×7 (#14) #9~#21
 Thread take-up  Needle bar thread take-up
 Stitch length adjustment  By stitch dial (lockstitch)
 Condensation stitches  By lever for condensation stitching
 Looper system  Rocking type looper
 Looper stroke  22.6mm
 Elliptical motion  2.4~3.7mm
 Lubrication  Automatic
 Lubricating oil  JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
 Needle cooler  Optional

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Juki MH-382 Spare Parts

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