Juki MEB-3200

Computer-controlled, Eyelet Buttonholing Machine with Trimmer for Needle and Looper Thread with Gimp

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The electronically controlled machine permits the selection and setting of various eyelet shapes. With its new technology called “active tension” (electronic thread tension mechanism), the machine is capable of duplicating the same sewing conditions with ease.


Needle and looper thread tensions can be digitally established on the operation panel according to sewing conditions. Data can be registered on a pattern-by-pattern basis to easily reproduce the same sewing conditions.

  • Using conventional machines, it’s often quite difficult to reproduce the same sewing conditions. This Juki MEB-3200 does it with ease. With this capability, the Juki MEB-3200 responds immediately to material changes, significantly reducing the time required for setup changes or adjustments. The machine also ensures the consistent production of high-quality seams.

Thread tensions can be separately established for various sections of a buttonhole such as eyelet sections and parallel sections

  • The Juki MEB-3200 promises high-quality seams by smoothly responding to changes in stitch formation and allowing the operator to set a separate thread tension for the bartacking sections of buttonholes.
  • Thread tensions for the beginning and end of sewing can also be separately established. This helps prevent loose stitches or slip-off or raveling of thread at the beginning of sewing.
Model Number LBH-1790A Series LBH-1790A Series LBH-1790A Series LBH-1790A Series LBH-1790A Series
 Application Men’s and ladies’ wear Combined use for lateral and longitudinal buttonholing: for men’s and ladies’ wear Jeans Cotton pants and working wear Trousers
 Thread trimming style Longer remaining thread Shorter remaining thread Shorter thread cutting without gimp
 Stitch system 1-needle, double chainstitch (with gimp) 1-needle, double chainstitch (without gimp)
 Max. sewing speed 4002,200sti/min✽1 (100sti/min✽1 step)
 Sewing length 1038mm (with thread trimmer)
1050mm (in case looper thread trimming device is removed)✽2
Work clamp type S
1624 (26)mm: optional
Work clamp type M
2432 (34)mm: standard
Work clamp type L
3240 (42)mm: optional
Work clamp type S
1624 (26)mm: standard
Work clamp type M
2432 (34)mm: optional
Work clamp type L
3240 (42)mm: optional
work clamp S, 24mm
for eyelet buttonholes:
The figures in ( ) parentheses are in case of taper bar
 Needle throwing width
(at the time of delivery)
2.03.2mm✽2 .64.0mm✽3 2.03.2mm✽3 2.03.2mm
(2.3mm) (2.5mm) (2.5mm) (2.3mm)
 Taper bar length 0mm, 315mm
 Work clamp height 13mm (max. 16mm)
 Method for changing stitch shape By selecting a program
 Buttonhole cutting method By cut-before knife or cut-after or without buttonhole cutting
 Feed system Intermittent feed by stepping motor
 Cloth cutting knife drive system Vertically driven by stepping motor
(at the time of delivery)
(Nm100) Nm90Nm110
(Nm120) Nm110Nm120
(Nm110) Nm110Nm130
(Nm100) Nm100Nm110
 Lubrication Automatic (looper and spreader: by an oiler)
 Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)
 Compressed air and air consumption 0.5MPa 6dK/min (ANR) [8cycle/min]
 Power requirement and
power consumption
Single-/3-phase, 550VA
 Dimensions 1,060mm (W)790mm (D)1,230mm (H)
 Total weight 185kg

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