Juki ASN-690

Automatic Serging Machine

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Increased productivity is required in the serging process. JUKI has launched its super-high speed machine developed in pursuit of simple-in-operation and ease-of-use. To fully support the operator so that he/she can carry out serging speedily, the Juki ASN-690 machine comes in two different types; the long-table type and the short-table type which permits easy handling of the material.

The Juki ASN-690 machine is equipped with the super-highspeed overlock machine head MO-6904S.
The Juki ASN-690 machine achieves the high-speed performance of up to 8,000 sti/min to promise increased productivity. The machine performs serging according to the material used, is capable of sewing with reduced thread tension and promises consistent seam quality free from slip-off seams at curved parts of the material.

Flexible cloth guide
The cloth guide can easily be adjusted in height according to the material to be used without using a tool. It eliminates the troublesome changing of spacers.

Looper cleaner
A dust extractor is equipped as standard in the upper looper arm section where dust is likely to gather. It helps prevent dust from accumulating inside the cloth chip cover.

Micro-lifter device
The Juki ASN-690 machine is provided as standard with a micro-lifter device which adjusts the lifting amount of the presser foot to the material thickness to achieve improved seam quality, while preventing puckering and material damage.

Air-blow table
The Juki ASN-690 machine comes with an air-blow table, which issues a jet of air from its air nozzles at three locations to contribute to smoother handling of the material.

Model Number Juki ASN-690
 Machine head  MO-6904S (Super-high-speed, 1-needle overlock machine)
 Application  Serging of skirts, pants, jeans, etc.
 Max. sewing speed  8,000sti/min*
 Stitch length  0.8~4mm
 Overedging width (mm)  4.0, 4.8, 5.6
 Differential feed ratio  For gathering 1:2 (max. 1:4), For stretching 1:0.7 (max. 1:0.6)
 Needle  DC×27 (#11) #9~#14
 Thread trimming device  Exclusive pneumatic side cutter
 Lubrication  Automatic
 Lubricating oil  JUKI MACHINE OIL 18 (equivalent to ISO VG18)
 Compressed air  0.5MPa
 Power consumption  590VA
 Power requirement  Single-phase 200~240V, 3-phase 200~380V
 Machine weight  Long-table type (L): 160kg (with stacker)
 Short-table type (S): 110kg (with stacker)
 Dimensions  Long-table type (L) with stacker: 1,800mm (W) × 790mm (D) × 880mm (H)
Long-table type (L) without stacker: 1,500mm (W) × 790mm (D) × 880mm (H)

Short-table type (S) with stacker: 790mm (W) × 875mm (D) × 880mm (H)
Short-table type (S) without stacker: 790mm (W) × 575mm (D) × 880mm (H)

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Juki ASN-690 Spare Parts

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