Juki AP-876

Automatic Pocket Setter (For Jeans)

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The Juki AP-876 machine automatizes a series of pocket setting processes such as the folding of a pocket, placement of the pocket on a garment body, sewing, bartacking and stacking, thereby increasing productivity and achieving production without requiring the operator to have any special skill. This promises consistent finished quality.

Increased productivity
The Juki AP-876 machine carries out a series of pocket setting processes at 9.9 seconds/pocket. It achieves 7.1 times as productive as general-purpose machines.

  • 9.9 sec./pocket
    • The Juki AP-876 machine is able to fold a subsequent pocket and place it on a garment body while the machine is still engaged in the sewing of the current pocket. This means higher productivity can be achieved simply with one machine. The exclusive high-speed, 1-needle lockstitch zigzag stitch machine with an automatic thread trimmer has been adopted as the machine head for the Juki AP-876. The maximum sewing speed is 4,000 sti/min. The Juki AP-876 reduces the cycle time by 5% as compared with JUKI’s conventional model, AVP-875.
  • Reduction in the number of facilities and that of operators to be used
    • The Juki AP-876 fully automatizes a series of pocket setting processes. If these processes are done by means of the general-purpose machine, the following eight facilities (eight operators) will be required to achieve the daily production equivalent to that of the Juki AP-876.
      • Steam Iron: two machines (Fold hip pocket)
      • 1-needle lockstitch machines with automatic thread trimmer: five machines (Sew hip pocket to back)
      • Bartacking machine: one machine (Bartack hip pocket edge) The AP-876

Quality production without relying on operator skill , quality improvement
The hip pocket of jeans and other garments is a highly visible element of those products. Its finished quality determines the product value. The pocket setting process is, therefore, a very important process. The Juki AP-876 contributes to easier operation to allow the operator to carry out pocket setting even if he/she has no specific skills, thereby achieving consistent high-quality pocket setting.

Model Number Juki AP-876
 Machine head  High-speed, 1-needle, lockstitch, zigzag stitching machine
(exclusive machine head)
 Max. sewing speed  4,000 sti/min
 Sewing area  250mm × 250mm
 Stitch length, Max zigzag width  0.1mm 6.0mm, 4.3mm
 Needle (at the time of delivery)  SCHMETZ 134 SERV7 (Nm130)
 Hook  Horizontal-axis full-rotary 1.7 fold-capacity hook
 Needle thread breakage detection  Provided as standard
 Stacking capacity  Max. 64 pieces of jeans bodies
 Number of patterns that
can be stored in memory
 Main-body memory: Max. 999 patterns
 External media: Max. 999 patterns
 Feeding method  Stepping motor(encoder control system type), X-Y clamp drive
 Power requirement / Power consumption  Single-phase 220V / 683.9VA, 3-phase 200V / 655.2VA
 Compressed air and air consumption  0.5Mpa(5kg/cm2), 220 dm3/min
 Total weight  558Kg

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