Brother BAS-326G-VGSM “Nexio”

Brother Electronic Controlled Programmable Sewing Machine with Vision Camera System

220mm x 100mm

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Quickly and easily sew patches, appliques, letters and numbers to fabrics and garments with automated precision.

  • Eliminates the need for an advanced skill set
  • Delivers consistent quality
  • Increases production output, reduces time required
  • Creates vision generated stitch pattern

Sew patches, emblems and other items to uniforms, athletic apparel, home décor and more — faster and more easily that you ever thought possible. With the Brother Vision Sewing System, the camera alignment system does the hard work for you!

How It Works
It’s simple. Place the fabric and the object to be applied (patch, label, etc.) onto the machine and the integrated digital camera takes a photo of the set up. The system then analyzes the image and defines the perimeter of the applied item.
Using preset stitch specifications, the system then automatically generates a stitch pattern and proceeds to create a sew pattern along the edge of the object. The user can select specific stitch types such as straight or zigzag before the operation begins. Other specifications such as stitch pitch (length), width and over-sew can also be preset ahead of time, along with offset patterns, which allows the pattern to be made inside or away from the perimeter edge.

The Benefits
Gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace by utilizing the Vision Sewing System’s innovative software to:

  • Increase production speed
  •  Easily sew most shapes and sizes
  • Deskill the operation
  • Provide consistent quality
  • Fully sew objects that have both inside and outside borders

Ideal Uses
Companies of practically any size and specialization can incorporate the Vision Sewing System into their already existing operations:

  • Garment Decorators
  • Uniform/Laundry Companies
  • Apparel Manufacturers/Label Sewing
  • Fashion Brands
  • Police and Military Organizations
Machine Type Electronic programmable lockstitch sewing machine
Stitch Type Single needle lock stitch (301)
Sewing Area (X × Y) Max. 220mm x 100mm
Max. Sewing Speed 2,600SPM+
Feed Mechanism Intermittent feed type (closed loop pulse motor system)
Stitch Length 0.05mm – 12.7mm
No. of Stitches 20,000 max per pattern
Work Clamp Type Fixed Type standard, Cassette Type / Hoop Type Optional
Stepping Foot Intermittent, electronic height adjustable
Stepping foot lift amt. 22mm
Stepping Foot Stroke 0 or 2–10mm (factory setting is 3mm)
Hook Type / Size Oscillating, double capacity
Thread Trimmer Standard equipment
Thread Wiper Standard equipment
Data Storage Means Flash Memory (each sewing pattern is individually generated for each sewing operation)
Sewing Motor AC servo 550watt
Shipping Weight (approx.) 118 kg.
Air Pressure 0.5 Mpa 3.1 l/min.
Power Supply Single phase 100V / 220V, 3-phase 200V/220V/380V/400V 400VA

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