Just Announced: The New Brother KE-430H Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker

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Brother KE-430HS Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker (Short Remaining Thread Spec) Productivity improvement by World's Top-class Sewing Speed and IoT   Overwhelmingly Superior Productivity with Sewing Speed 3,300sti/min KE-430H provides 3,300sti/min (BE-438H: 2,800sti/min) and contributes to enhance productivity.   Needle Cooler Prevents Thread Breakage Needle Cooler* prevents thread breakage, it enhances actual sewing speed by 10%. It provides high productivity and quality. *:   KE-430HX only   Reduction of... Read more »

Juki DDL-9000C Series

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The Juki DDL-9000C is the world's first sewing machine which comes with a digital drive mechanism and facilitates data transfer through NFC technology. This model allows for numerical entry of key settings through the operation panel meaning many manual adjustments are no longer needed. For the DDL -9000CS (digital type) adjustment of the feed dog height, feed... Read more »


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